Affiliate Program

We will provide for you the most competitive commission plan in the market

*Commission calculation

Current Month Net Win (RM) Monthly Active Player Commission Percentage
Live Casino Slots Sports Happy Lottery 
(valid betting)
1– 50,000 Above 5 25% 25% 25% 0.1%
50,001– 500,000 Above 10 30% 30% 30% 0.1%
500,001– 800,000 Above 30 35% 35% 35% 0.1%
800,001– 1,000,000 Above 50 40% 40% 40% 0.1%
Above 1,000,001 Above 100 45% 45% 45% 0.1%

(The minimum payout amount is RM500, for any amount payout below RM500 will combine with the following month until the sum is reached.)

【Minimum Active member of the month】 Definition: Members must have at least one time valid betting once in the month. The agent will not able to receive the commission if agent does not reach the minimum of 5 active members of current month.

When the agents make a profit for the month, but the number of the active members of the month is less than the required active members, therefore the proportion of the commission in the month is refer to the corresponding percentage of the number of the lowest number of member.

Example 1:
Agent's total profit of the month is MYR200,001 and have 5 active members of current month. Although the agents' total profit is MYR200,001, but the active members are less than 10, so we will calculate according to the actual commission percentage of 5 active members only.

Live Casino: 25%
Sports:         25%
Slots:           25%
Lottery:     0.1%

Example 2:
If the [minimum active members of current month] numbers reach 12, the current month total profit:
Live Casino MYR300,000,Sports -MYR120,000,Slots MYR20,000, Lottery valid betting MYR800,000.

If the current month corresponding fee of agents is MYR14,000, we will calculate the commission as the following ways:
The following calculation of current commission:
Total agent's profit: MYR200,000
Agent commission percentage: 30%
(MYR200,000 profit -MYR14,000 corresponding fees + MYR800,000 lottery betting x 0.1%) x 30% =MYR56,040 the commission you could get)

*The commission percentage will comply with the payout that includes the relevant fees.
*If the current month commission is negative, it will be carrying forward to next month and could only be withdrawn when above MYR500.

The agent's commission needs to deduct the following items: the bank service fee of the clients; the special offer for clients, such as bonus and cash rebate.

These fees will be added up and deducted from the monthly commission.

The deduction fees includes are:
i. Transfer fee includes: 2% of the total deposit of the agency members and 1% of the total withdrawal fee.
ii. Bonus, rebate, or other offers for cash bonuses given to the agency members through other preferential.


1. Affiliate will receive the commission at 5th of the following month.
2. If the members under the agency use the same IP address to log in the game, the cash rebate and other bonus will be cancelled. And we will dispose according to the following rules. If clients found to have several accounts, we will freeze all his accounts and cancel all his betting winnings without any notification.
3. If any member under the agency is frozen by the Eball88, the entire client's amount wouldn't be calculated to the commission.
4. Please remember: If founded to using any dishonest method to defraud the commission, we will freeze the account forever and wouldn't return the commission.
5. If the agency needs the BANNER materials for promotion, they could inquiry and apply through our agency department.

Please note !!
Kindly register as Eball88 member before apply for the affiliate program.
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